Boo the baddies

Hissing? Jeering? Booing? Bring it on!

Cumnor Players have always known where to find blistering baddies and vile villians. In our ten years we’ve certainly seen some characters. Remember these?

The kids found me very scarey…some had to be taken out crying. I do believe in a good baddy. I made myself a gorgeous cloak to waft around in. It was fun.. . The witches cackle was terrifying especially when it had to come from off stage…”

Witch, Beauti and the Beast ,  played by Ally Baker

“They booed us on and laughed us off. Swaggering about the stage like you owned it was so enjoyable.  It was fun picking on my smaller baddy henchman and twisting his ear. The highlight was doing a wheelie on an imaginary motorbike with Mrs Krayfish sitting side-saddle with her handbag behind me, cackling. “

Ronnie Rumble,  Jack and the Beanstalk, played by Jan Kowal

It’s really good to be bad! It’s quite a responsibility.  As Jackula in Snow White …with the Transylvanian’ accent…. after choking my way through fake fangs they were eventually painted on with fabulous eye makeup and streaks of blood. The weirdest thing I had to do was to stand inside an upright coffin …my heart pounded while I waited for my song cue. It was pitch black and stiflingly hot, the smoke from the smoke machine crept in and the poem lasted an eternity.

Jackula, Snow White and Uncle Pedro, Aladdin played by Jacqui Lewis

 “Many friends and colleagues assured me that I had been typecast, at least up until the moment at which Scrooge realises the error of his ways.  I’m ashamed to say that the character may not have developed a great deal in rehearsal as he seemed to emerge fully formed at the audition. I loved playing Scrooge. Who doesn’t enjoy a licence to be bad and winding the audience up?”

Scrooge, A Christmas Carol, played by Andrew Downs



And some of our other baddies...

 Knave and Ten, Alice

Amanda Gaydon and Sarah Bridge

Captain Hook, Peter Pan   

Paul Bobby

 Queen Vanity, Snow White

Jo Coffey

Red Queen,  Alice  

Erika Harris

 The Beast, Beauti and the Beast of Boar's Hill

Paul Bobby

Long John Silvia, Treasure Island  

Clare Denton