Our 2016 Panto was...


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written by Jon Heffernan

directed by Erika Harris


Performance Dates
Performances took place at Cumnor Village Hall
on Wednesday 7th (7.30pm), Thursday 8th (7.30pm), Friday 9th (7.30pm) and Saturday 10th (2.00 pm and 7.00pm) December 2016.  

We even had an additional Wednesday performance this year to mark our 10th Pantomime, and played to a full house every nght!


Rehearsals went with a swing...














A word from the Director

I am honoured to be Directing a superb play written by Cumnor's very own Jon Heffernan in this, the Cumnor Players 10th year! There have been a plethora of excitements so far to celebrate what an achievement this dedicated and creative group have attained. I hope you have been able to make some of those events and ride with the frenzy and hysteria surrounding this 10th year of Cumnor Players existence.

I was not there at the beginning but do I hear humoured tales of how it all started (sorry folks, I'm not going to divulge that here, you will have to speak to an "old timer" as I can affectionately call the originals**). Mostly I hear about the strong support that the village gave The Cumnor Players in those early days and how that very support has given them the spirit and determination to continue year on year. This year that support is reflected because 'The Committee' have decided to add an additional night of indulgence!

I really do hope that you enjoy this year's Cumnor Players interpretation of Robin Hood, or Robin and the Hoods as we have renamed it. A classic and well loved adventure full of greed, love and confusion mixed with all the typical underpinnings of a pantomime and infused with the Mafioso undertones of The Godfather. There are stupid baddies and "honest" goodies, great music, silly jokes, a hint of magic and plentiful double entendre's. And while our rehearsals are turning out to be the best fun we have ever had, we hope when you come to see it, you too get bewitched by this talented group of Cumnor people.
 Erika Harris
Director 2016

** You might also like to read our 10 year review article that appeared in the October issue of the Cumnor Parish News.