Our 2014 Panto was...


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Read the excellent review from the National Operatic and Dramatic Association (NODA).


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Well done to the whole cast and crew for a great performance!!

Performance Dates

This year's shows took place on Thursday 4th, Friday 5th and Saturday 6th December 2014 at Cumnor Village Hall.


Profits from the show will be donated to Cumnor Primary School and the B4044 Eynsham-Botley Community Path project.


Ella's Blog

Canít wait until this yearís pantomime? One famous character is so excited sheís started saying far too much about the show already...

 Hello, I'm Ella, the only cow in the village. Would you believe it?

We used to be a really big gang out there in the field but now I munch alone.  I wave my tail at the other cows as they trudge past on their way to market.

That market must be a long way because none of them have come back yet. Strange that.  Perhaps theyíve gone to pastures new?

Iíve got everything I need here right here. Times may be tough but my best friend, Jack knows when it comes to milk, thereís plenty more where that came from.

Ella's Update

Jack is so proud of me. Oh yes he is. He always says you canít get creamier milk than mine but these days Iíve noticed my milk is getting thinner and thinner.

Jack doesnít mind though. He loves me just the way I am.

Jack is at a difficult age. I have to put up with an awful lot of noise he calls music practice with his band. Itís almost as bad as the wailing from his mother Dame Has Been.  She does go on about the price of things. Sheís always been a drama queen. Things arenít that bad.  Even if my milk stops it really doesnít matter does it?  Oh no it doesnít!

Ella's Final Update

Well now itís my turn for an adventure. Jack says we need to spend more time together and we are hitting the road and going on a little trip. I wonder where we are going ? I donít know what to pack but Jack says ďcome as you are. Be yourself.Ē  

Iíll flutter my eyelashes and shake my udders just in case we meet someone special. Itís going to be magic, I can tell. I'll see you there!

A word from the Director

Itís time to play the music,
Itís time to light the lights,
Itís time to raise the curtain,
On the Cumnor Pantomime.

 I do love the panto season and this year we have a really traditional story to tell. This will be the second panto that Tim and I have directed and, as ever, weíre determined to make it the best show yet! We loved the creating a wonderful Alice in 2012 and weíre enjoying the magic of Jack this year. The characters are all larger than life and making us laugh as we watch the rehearsals.

 When Tim and I volunteered to direct Jack and the Beanstalk, we had a few requirements

1.    A proper two Ėperson pantomime cow with two ends that may or may not work together!
     Giant boots and
     A really fantastical beanstalk.

 And once again the creative team have delivered, we hope youíll agree.

A show like this takes a level of commitment that borders on insanity and a team that are prepared to find a way to build, paint, sew and play almost anything. Our thanks goes to all the people who have put time and effort into growing Jack and the Beanstalk and all the unseen people who have supported us whilst we work.

 And now, sit back and enjoy the show!

Here we come!

Jules Pottle

 The Jack cast and crew take a break during rehearsals.