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December Thursday 8th (7.30pm), Friday 9th (7.30 pm) and Saturday 10th (2.00pm and 7.00 pm) 2011, Cumnor Village Hall

A note from the 2011 Directors

So we move time?...........across the world?............ who knows at this stage.....

With a huge act to follow after preceding Directors have set such high standards, we take up the gauntlet and prepare to bring you a production of Beauti and the Beast of Boars Hill in 2011. Yes, we! There are two of us... Jacqui Lewis and Nikki Reid; previously Artistic Director and actors. What are our credentials? Well, we have worked with the Cumnor Players since the beginning and have watched, largely from on stage, how a pantomime comes together. We will undoubtedly need lots of advice from our predecessors but hope to add our own flavour to the project.

This will be the first time we have directed and we hope that our experience on stage thus far will help to get us started. We come with bundles of enthusiasm and a working partnership that started about fifteen months apart from birth. Actually, we'd just love to watch a Cumnor Pantomime, so will really have to put the work in to make it worthwhile for us and hopefully for you!

Jacqui Lewis and Nikki Reid

The cast and crew take a break during rehearsals...