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Panto Fascinating Facts



The term pantomime originates from the Greek pantomimos which was originally a solo dancer who "copied all" (panto- - all, mimos - mimic). These performances were often accompanied by songs and instrumental music.

The Brothers Grimm collected the Snow White story in 1810 and published their first edition in two parts (1812 / 1814). A few years later when they published the second edition; their collection was wildly popular and sold out quickly, running through seven editions in its lifetime.

In the 1930s, Walt Disney wanted to expand his studio's outlook by venturing into the uncharted waters of full- length feature animation and in 1937 released Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. It was the first animated feature to become widely successful within the English-speaking world and the first to be filmed in Technicolor.

Roald Dahl's book Revolting Rhymes rewrote the Snow White story in a more modern way. In this version, Snow White was a savvy young woman who stole the magic mirror to help the dwarfs gamble on winning horses!

In some versions of the story, the dwarfs are robbers, while the magic mirror represents dialog with the sun or moon!