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Neverland News

The latest news, views and requests regarding the production appear here...

News & views

The latest from Waterlily and the Lost Boys...

 "Hi! I'm Waterlily and I'm the Cumnor Mayor's daughter.  You may think I'm a "pwitty princess" but I'm not what I seem.  I'm really enjoying being part of this panto because I've never been in a panto before."  All the best from Molly Wightman (aka Waterlily)

"Hey, I'm Alice Bridge and I play Lost Boy Jig.  I am always the best shot; that is why the Lost Boys voted me to shoot Wendy (but I really regret it now).  I am really enjoying working with the cast.  This is my first time working in the Cumnor pantomime and I am really enjoying it.  I hope I will be able to do it next year."  All the best form Alice Bridge (aka Lost Boy Jig).  PS If you are coming, have a great time!!!

"Hi, I'm Shrimp and I'm the smallest of Peter Pan's gang (that's why I'm always well hidden).  I'm really enjoying working with all the cast and making friends with most people.  The experience is so like last year's pantomime (which I took part in) and I have two of my school buddies joining me in the business."  All the best from Eleanor Baker Mulhall (aka Lost Boy Shrimp).  PS If you are coming to the panto in December, have a great time.  If you don't come in the mood you will be severely punished by Captain Hook and fed to the tick-tock croc!

The Crocodile Rocks!

It's amazing what you can do with some willow, paper, glue, enthusiastic volunteers... and someone who knows what they are doing! The Panto crocodile took shape throughout the day of Sunday 5th October and, boy, is it an impressive beastie! All will be revealed... at the panto, of course!

A big thank you goes to Jig  Cochrane (pictured centre) for guiding us through the construction process. For more of his amazing work see


Peter Pan revealed

After being offered the role of Peter Pan, local Cumnor Primary School teacher Julie Pottle comments:

"Just think of your happiest things – it’s the same as having wings! Well for me it is anyway - one of my happiest thoughts is the Cumnor Panto. I enjoyed being in the chorus so much last year that I couldn’t wait to have a go at getting a ‘speaking part’ this year. Imagine how excited I was to get the part of Peter, I nearly flew there and then.  As I explained to my friend; Big commitment, Big fun , Big buzz.  Can’t wait!"