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The Director's Cut


Updates from the Director's Chair

November 2008

Music burst into life at the panto rehearsals this month. The band has limbered up, chops have been flexed, strings tuned, skins stretched (on the drums!), and the ivories have been thoroughly tinkled. On the subject of Tink(led), all our characters including our beloved Tinkerbell have been singing their hearts out in between learning their script lines, learning their song lines, and learning the fabulous dance routines dreamt up in the fertile mind of our choreographer Mel C (the other Mel C).

With the move to the village hall, rehearsals have started to feel more real, and we had a great performance from our children’s chorus whose angelic voices nearly…I said nearly… melted the heart of even our brutish Captain Hook. A bit more rehearsing is required, but by the end of the month we will be transformed into the lean mean entertainment machine that is sure to dazzle.

 (aside to the audience) – we’re not doing all the work you know. Make sure you come to the performance with your vocal chords warmed up and ready for a bit of strong audience participation. All will be revealed!


October 2008

The rehearsals do now roll along, I could describe them, on and on, but here I end this little verse, since pictures speak a thousand words...

September 2008

Yo, me Hearties!  After only 4 rehearsals, the panto has set sail on its exciting journey to Neverland! It's already beginning to take shape and is looking good (although those pirates are a troublesome lot!). The cast are full of enthusiasm and energy and a great bunch to work with. The musicians are a tuneful bunch (or so they tell me) and are putting together a rocking soundtrack whilst the chorus are limbering up their vocal cords. Over the next few weeks we will be gradually adding the songs and dance routines and at this rate we should have most of the show ready by half term! After that it will just be a question of polishing the performances into what promises to be a fantastic pantomime.

July 2008

Casting was both exciting and difficult: it was great to hear the words of the unfinished script being spoken and to see so many pirates, lost boys, fairies of all kinds and villains of all sizes. But there weren't enough roles to go round, particularly children's roles, so it was inevitable that some were disappointed. Next year maybe? We've got a fantastic cast ready for script learning over the summer and rehearsals starting in September. Amongst the cast, we have Cumnor Primary School teacher, Julie Pottle, in the lead role of Peter Pan (see Neverland News section for a quote from Julie on hearing she had been offered the part!) and we're delighted also to welcome back Sophie Grigson who, this year, will be exchanging her Fair Godmother's wand for a pirate's sword in the role of Smee!  Can't wait!

7th June 2008: Casting Workshop

The glorious weather did not deter the throngs of potential Tinkerbells and Hooks from "Farmoor and wide" queuing eagerly to show off their talents at the casting workshop for this year's production of Peter Pan.  "What to do?" said Director, Dave Gaydon.  "There are so many amazing people to choose from  - we could cast it twice over and still have pirates to spare!"

 Two hours disappeared in a flash as the vocal and acting warm ups rolled into a fantastic group rendition of the Grease favourite "Summer Nights", followed by a lively dance routine to the topical "Consider Yourself".  The workshop finished off with the chance to try out some of the newly written script with a variety of roles up for grabs.

 The task is now being undertaken to narrow down the numbers of people that will be needed for the production (or, more to the point, that will fit on to the village hall stage!).  Watch this space...